GODIVA Business Solutions Limited

You take the credit, we process the debit.

How we can help you

Godiva Business Solutions provide a suite of online value adding real time financial and management accounting and bookkeeping services using cutting edge technology that is safe, secure and reliable to support business growth and development.


Beyond bookkeeping! Accounting is an essential field as nearly all entities and individuals must keep accurate financial records and properly pay taxes.


Bookkeeping is a chore function in any business organisation. It is required to show at a glance the direction of operations and financial wellbeing of an organisation


Do you have labour as part of your direct expenses or overheads? As an employer, the success of your business hinges partly on satisfying your employees

Tax Return

We provide reasonable service with CIS tax return. All you have to do is update us with necessary information and we follow it up from there.


Cash flow forecast, budget, credit control and much more. Cash is king and proper cash flow management is key to a successful business.

Why use us?

Save time and get organised

Get your books up-to-date in a spin

Repurpose your time to focus on securing more business opportunities

Unlimited access to your business financial information

What clients say

Professional, customer focused and supportive.


Excellent service, delivery to time



Who We’ve Worked With


Trades people

Shipping/cargo agents

Taxicab drivers

Benefits of working with us

  • Save time.
  • No employee costs.
  • Cost of additional workstation is eliminated.
  • Access to real time financial information about your business.
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